Bevin – Host and Producer

Bevin is a flamboyant femmecee, queer high femme, drag king, burlesque and comedy performer. She was a founding member and producer of the Royal Renegades of Philadelphia, a drag troupe that performed throughout the US and Canada. She also co-produces and hosts Gayety, a Queer Comedy Cabaret based in New York City. She is a member of NOLOSE, Fat and Queer NYC and Volunteer coordinator for Jersey City Pride. Her interests include travel, knitting, cupcakes, music, her shih tzu and community building. She blogs at The Femme’s Guide to Absolutely Everything and performs throughout North America.

To book Bevin for a workshop or performance, email femmecast at gmail dot com.

If you have Queer Etiquette questions for our Femmily Post, please direct them to FemmeCast at gmail dot com, Subject: Etiquette.

Zoe – Consigliere and Social Justice Correspondent

Zoe Femmetastica is a smart, sexy, sassy fat femme Italiana. She is a 3rd year PhD student in Sociology in New York studying late 20th century discourse around the “obesity epidemic.” A long time social justice activist, she also sits on the board of NOLOSE, a national fat queer organization. When she doesn’t have her nose behind a book, Zoe Femmetastica can be found with her fat femme posse taking NYC by storm or making the boys and butches cry (in a good way).

Rachael – Sexpert

Rachael is the Donna of the Femme Mafia and a professional dominatrix by the name of Mistress Medusa. She is a burlesque performer, writer, community organizer, fire artist and has the best rack in the State of Georgia. She was voted Local Hero in the Southern Voice magazine and lives in the Queer Femme Capital of the World, Atlanta, GA.

Questions for our Sexpert should be directed to Mistress at MistressMedusa dot com. Subject: FemmeCast

Anna – Technical Editor

Anna is a traveler, lives for music, technological savant and “fat on the inside”. She has a love for her Saab that ain’t right. She makes FemmeCast happen technologically and you’ll occasionally catch her saying “Ready, Steady, Go” because Bevin told her she had to do something more clever than “Okay start.”

If you have a technical question for Anna she charges $50 an hour. Email her at arwolk at gmail dot com.

Tara – Fatshion and Beauty Correspondent

Tara is a twenty-something biracial high femme New Yorker by way of DC and Richmond, VA. She is a lover of fatshion, makeup, and figuring out ways to live fabulously on a dime. She’s been blogging about fat, fatshion, race, and glamorosity for the past 7 years, she’s a co-moderator of the fatshionista livejournal community, a contributor to and Racialicious. Her other interests include: Scrabble, foodie dilettantism, abstract collaging, books, crusading for social justice, and eating pizza in her underwear.

If you have questions for Tara, email them to Fatshion at Femme-Cast dot com.

Kelli – Butch Dyke Comedian in Residence

Kelli is everyone’s favorite ex nun dorky dyke comic and an aspiring glitter butch. She is recording her second comedy CD, “Almost Pretty,” in New York on May 31st. Check out her website for more details and check out her blog for more details about Kelli’s latest junk food obsessions, what prepubescent celebrity she has just been mistaken for, and scary recipes for even scarier dinner parties.

Naima – Cultural Correspondant

Naima is fabulous. This is evidenced by the fact that she is a writer, performer, media maker, and aspiring professor. And she does all of that while looking cute in cardigans and broaches. Her film “Birthmarks” recently won the award for Best Experimental Film at the Newark Black Film Festival, which is especially exciting because the film is about Newark and Naima really likes black people. Right now she’s working on a media and performance extravaganza about a black cowgirl and a white nun in love in turn of the century Montana.

Genne – Self-Help Correspondant

Genne is a queer fat femme, playwright, and non-profit arts education person. She’s passionate about changing the world – through the classroom, mind-blowing theatre, or the collective power of community building. She lives, works, and plays in her native Philadelphia (and often visits her NYC fat femme posse). When not acting as Bevin’s personal Self-Help Novel, she’s hanging with other storytellers, dreamers, and schemers.

Have a crisis worthy of Dr. Phil? Email Genne, femmecast at, Subject: Give me an essay prompt so that I can better understand how to run my life or whatever.

Brian – Big Gay Agenda Correspondent

Brian is a sardonic librarian sweetened by his Southern upbringing. Doughy and affable, Brian is a favorite target of panhandlers. He is an avid foodie, knitter and well-versed in current technological advances and the gay agenda. Brian doesn’t like or trust Texans, crocheters or social networking websites.

If you have questions for Brian related to Food, Knitting or the Gay Agenda, please direct them to femmecast at gmail dot com subject: I need big gay advice.

Megan – Hippie Woo Woo Correspondent

Megan is a ukulele playing drag artist, bartender and urban natural foods store professional. She has entertained people throughout the US with various troupes including the New York Drag Squad and the Chatanooga Kings. She performs as Betty Pages (a pregnant evangelical Christian), Frat Man Dan, Pretty Houghten-Temptin’ and as her lovely self. She is a recent San Francisco transplant embodying the old adage “Live in New York City once but leave before it makes you hard.”

If you have natural foods or hippie woo woo related questions, direct them to femmecast at gmail dot com. Subject: Only a Free-Wheeling Hippie Can Answer This Question.

Macy – Pet Correspondent

Macy is a purebred Shih Tzu but at least half muppet. She is charming and friendly, loves other dogs, cats and a good game of squeaky toy.

If you have a question for Macy, you can direct it to femmecast at gmail dot com Subject: I can’t believe I am writing an email to a dog, but…